Costco is a significant player in the grocery segment. This retail giant exceeded $163 billion in revenue in 2020 and that figure is projected to keep increasing. As the second-largest retailer in the world, Costco is a vital connection for any vendor. By familiarizing themselves with Costco’s requirements for pallets, vendors can take a step toward establishing a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with this popular chain.

We have experience producing POS displays for Costco. We have worked across various categories, including consumer electronics, office supplies, food, beverage, and consumer products. From basic pallets to highly interactive demonstration units, we have designed and built the solutions that have enabled our customers to win. Our expertise with these retailers enables us to quickly develop pallet and display solutions to meet any opportunity.

We design our pallet displays and demonstration units to meet the rigors of the COSTCO club retail environment, so your brand stands out and looks great for the duration of the promotion. We tailor our club store pallets and displays to your preferences, helping you reinforce your company’s brand with an individualized, on-brand design. To ensure we execute each of your design details flawlessly, we complete the manufacturing process in-house. This way, we can oversee your design’s creation from start to finish, ensuring your club store display meets our high-quality standards as efficiently as possible.


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COSTCO Consumer Electronic Products Pallet Display

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There are many details specific to the variety of goods sold throughout COSTCO. We will provide you with the designs and renderings complete with all required details to receive the COSTCO buyer’s approval.

Grand Fly are experienced in creating displays for leading club stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s, and have successfully executed projects across diverse categories ranging from consumer electronics, office supplies, food, beverage, to consumer products. Our solutions are designed and built to cater to a wide spectrum of requirements, from simple pallets to sophisticated interactive demonstration units. Our custom-made solutions have enabled our clients to emerge as winners in their respective markets. With our deep understanding of these retailers, we are equipped to swiftly develop pallet and display solutions to seize any opportunity that comes our way.