Rigid boxes are one of the most sought-after categories of packaging boxes.

Rigid packaging is often found in luxury packaging because of the weight, strength, and firmness of its structure.

These dielectrics for custom rigid boxes focus on the wrapping paper applied to the outside of the heavy chipboard (gray panel) that gives the boxes their structure. The rigid interior boxes are often packaged in a paper liner that retains a uniform appearance throughout the unveiling experience.

We recommend you always print the dielectrics to confirm dimensions, proportions, user experience and make sure the structure meets your expectations before applying the artwork.

Two Piece Rigid Boxes

– Two Piece Rigid Box –

Magnetic Rigid Boxes

– Magnetic Rigid Box –

Collapsible Rigid Boxes

– Collapsible Rigid Box –

Slide Rigid Boxes

– Slide Rigid Box –

Round Shaped Rigid Boxes

– Round Shaped Rigid Box –