• Cardboard Display

    Cardboard Display Solutions Directly from the Manufacturer. Custom Designed Corrugated Cardboard Point of Purchase Displays from Grand Fly.

Cardboard Display

At Grand Fly, we offer professional customized cardboard displays to fit and display your products in an attractive, marketable fashion to increase the sales of your products.

We make our clients’ wildest dreams come to life through creative seasonal and holiday focused temporary corrugate displays to make sure your brand stands out from the rest.

To learn more about our capabilities, watch our short video or simply contact us for more info.

Cardboard Display

We create custom cardboard displays that engage customers and increase your sales. Grand Fly specialises in design and production of promotional displays made of cardboard, offering you a wide range of custom point of sale & point of purchase solutions.

Innovative Cardboard display designs

We are dedicated to bringing you a number of innovative and captivating cardboard POP display solutions. Our design team has years of experience in creating cardboard point of purchase displays and retail packaging for a wide variety of applications. Grand Fly Design Team had provide many design for a lot of international and domestic well-known enterprises. Such as Disney, Samsung, Coca-cola, Sony, Kinder, L’Oreal, ect. I think you had seen lots of our display stands in many retail store such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Walgreens, Leggo’s,  Woolworths, Coles, Best Buy, and many others.

Increased brand exposure

Grand Fly provides you with customizable custom cardboard display to lend you the best marketing support for your brand. We have a range of 3D / graphics and structure designer to create marketing cardboard displays that will help your brand stand apart from the rest of your competition.

Superior quality cardboard display

All our cardboard display & packaging products are designed, manufactured and finished in our factory. This allows us to insure the highest quality standards and efficiency to get your displays and packaging to you as quickly as possible.


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