A pallet display creatively showcases large volumes of product for quick selling. A pallet display can be shipped directly to retailers and will be placed in 1-piece, stocked with product, on the sales floor. All pallet displays can be designed to showcase a single product line or multiple products at once and are custom designed according to branding guidelines.

Full Pallet Displays – A full pallet display takes up the total space of a pallet. They are shipped to store and placed on the sales floor on a full pallet.

Half Pallet Displays – A half pallet display is shipped and placed in the store on a half pallet.

Quarter Pallet Displays – A quarter pallet display is shipped and placed in the store on a quarter pallet.

Quarter Pallet Displays

– Quarter Pallet Displays –

Half Pallet Displays

– Half Pallet Display –

Walmart Full Pallet Display

Wal-mart Full Pallet Display

Sam's Club Full Pallet Display

Sam’s Club Full Pallet Display

  • Maximize space on the retail sales floor
  • Multi-purpose display targeted for impulse buy
  • Used with smaller/lightweight items
  • To communicate important information using high quality graphics while holding ample product at the point of purchase