What is a Free Standing Display Unit?

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) serve as a potent asset for in-store promotions and marketing endeavors. Primarily crafted from cardboard, these autonomous display units have gained traction as a favored independent retail display strategy. Merging utilitarian product storage with a tailored advertising area, these cardboard display stands enable the effective utilization of gaps between or around shelves, cash registers, and counters. Notably advantageous for brief promotional periods, they offer a valuable solution for optimizing retail space.

What is a FSDU?

A Free Standing Display Unit, known as an FSDU, represents an independent sales instrument that excels at showcasing pivotal products and magnifying the influence of your promotional endeavors. Their lightweight and portable design renders FSDUs a dynamic choice for promotional displays, catering to both retailers and brands participating in trade shows. This option offers a straightforward, cost-effective, and impactful approach, encompassing everything from promoting impulse purchases to fostering brand recognition. When searching for top-notch retail display stands for your establishment, these highly versatile solutions furnish an in-store mechanism to capture attention and enhance revenue generation, all within a budget-friendly scope. Materials of this kind yield a gratifying return on investment, empowering you to optimize each product promotion and amplify your customers’ spending during their store visit.



The term ‘point of sale’ refers to the moment when a customer finalizes a transaction within your store – in essence, it’s precisely when and where money exchanges hands. In the pursuit of heightened revenue, retailers formulate and execute strategies centered around enhancing the appeal of point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) displays. Point of sale stands, including cardboard FSDUs, offer the ultimate means to draw attention to spur-of-the-moment purchases. These stands present customers en route to the checkout with a captivating incentive to add something extra to their shopping cart. Leveraging these tailor-made retail solutions, you can even customize your cardboard display stands with a design that suits your preferences – ranging from seasonal graphics to striking brand visuals.


Incorporating free-standing display units into your current POP and POS displays can yield significant advantages, especially within retail settings. Point of sale stands, like cardboard FSDUs, offer the ultimate method to spotlight impulse purchases, providing customers heading towards the checkout with an attention-grabbing motivation to include an extra item in their cart. These customized retail solutions enable you to even embellish your cardboard display stands with a design that suits your preferences – ranging from seasonal graphics to impactful brand visuals.

Free Standing Display Unit


Free-standing display units (FSDUs) are a powerful asset for retailers, combining attention-grabbing aesthetics with efficient use of space and affordability. Here’s how you can optimize your in-store displays with FSDUs to your advantage:


While FSDUs are designed to stand out, it’s important to maintain consistency with your store’s overall design theme. Customize your FSDU to enhance brand impact by selecting a design that reflects both your brand identity and the products it showcases. This approach ensures a memorable impression on customers.


With heights typically ranging between 1m and 2m, FSDUs come in various shapes and sizes. To capture shoppers’ attention, strategically consider their eye level when designing your FSDU and positioning key marketing messages. This thoughtful approach maximizes the intended impact of your display unit.


Cardboard FSDUs are lightweight and easy to relocate within the store. However, the ease of moving these units depends on the products they hold. Before designing FSDUs, assess whether the chosen products are suitable for these light, freestanding units. This allows your staff to strategically place promotional displays in prominent and practical locations throughout the store.


FSDUs can be positioned at aisle ends or on the path to the point of sale, offering customization possibilities to highlight key products. With strategic in-store lighting, you can accentuate your product promotions. Elevate the impact of each FSDU by placing overhead spotlights to attract customers to special offers.


While off-the-shelf FSDUs are available, consider a tailored solution for your retail stores. Our New Product Development team can create bespoke FSDUs that elevate your branding. From prominent display units to eye-catching cardboard dump bins, leverage our expertise to stimulate interest in your store with Grand Fly. With our 15 years of industry experience, we provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget. Collaborate with our dedicated client services team to drive brand awareness and sales upward. Reach out to us at info@grandfly.com or visit our contact us page for personalized assistance. We’re committed to making your retail experience impactful and successful.